In this paper, different methods for surface preparation are investigated before the MCrAlY adhesive layer is applied. Surface characteristics are analyzed and the adhesive layer is applied to surfaces consisting of nickel-alloyed superalloys using the low-pressure plasma spraying process. Various preparation processes are taken into account: dry and wet blasting with corundum, dry blasting with silicon carbides, and cryogenic cleaning with carbon dioxide. The properties of the nickel-base substrate surface before and after the preparation measures are examined from the point of view of the surface roughness morphology and hardness near the surface. The properties of the adhesive layer in the layer system are determined. These are determined by adhesion tests on the substrate and layer system by means of scratch tests and the LESAGE-CHICOT method. The layer thicknesses and the layer structure are determined by metallographic analyzes. The microhardness in the area of the layer and substrate is measured. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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