Various silicate materials have been examined with regard to sprayability, composition, micro-structure as well as mechanical and thermal properties. This paper deals with the dielectric properties. Synthetically produced mullites, steatites, and spodumens, as well as natural olivine forsterites, are processed using water stabilized plasma system. The layers are peeled off, sanded, and polished to obtain plane-parallel plates with smooth surfaces. Such samples, the monoblock capacitor principle, are tested in alternating voltage fields in the low voltage range using an RCL meter. Volume specific resistance, capacitance, and voltage drop are measured. This enabled the relative conductivity to be calculated. It is observed that this relative conductivity of plasma-sprayed silicates is stable in the entire range between 200 Hz and 1 MHz. The suitability for insulation is discussed in comparison to solid material of the same composition. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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