This paper presents the results of a study on arc-sprayed coatings made from powder-cored wire. The wires used consist of a ferrochromium core with additions of boron, aluminum, and carbon compacted in a steel sheath. The coatings are sprayed using a modified burner operated at 34 V and 140 A with an air jet pressure of 0.6 MPa. During spraying, specimens are rotated at a speed of 60 rpm. XRD analysis is used to examine the initial phase composition of the layers as well as friction-induced changes in the subsurface resulting from block-on-ring wear tests. Cross-sectional examination shows that the coatings have low porosity (∼10%) and small grain size (50 to 150 µm). Based on these findings, it is concluded that the wear resistance of wire arc sprayed coatings is largely determined by powder wire composition, initial coating structure, and the structural stability of the subsurface layer. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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