This paper investigates particle erosion properties of wear protection layers at high temperatures. The result of the test, including the running conditions of an actual plant, is discussed using a chromium carbide-20wt%-NiCr (HVOF) cermet coating, Fe-Cr-Si-B (arc spray), Inconel (TIG), and Stellite No.6 (TIG). The results are summarized as: the highest beam wear resistance is shown by the chromium carbide-20%wt-NiCr (HVOF) cermet coating; no correlation can be established between erosion resistance and layer hardness; particle erosion properties of wear depend on elastic-plastic phenomena between the particle and the surface; the impact of solid particles does not cause any abrasion when the particles move onto the elastically rubbing area of the layer surface; and the solid particle impact seldom causes abrasion when the particles move to the plastic ploughing area. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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