The aim of this paper is to develop a method of finite elements that can predict the residual stresses in plasma-sprayed conical freeform components and investigate the influence of the mandrel removal method on the development of residual stresses in components with near net shape. The theoretical analyzes and the mathematical models are confirmed by means of X-ray examinations. The investigations are carried out using the sin square Psi technique on conical yttria partially stabilized zirconium oxide samples with various clamping mandrel removal methods; the measurements are made in two directions: axially and tangentially. Compressive stresses are measured in the axial direction and tensile stresses in the tangential direction for all three samples examined. With regard to the internal stresses that arise in the material, it appears that the cooling-mandrel removal method leads to the highest internal stresses. The experimental results agree well with the results of the mathematical models. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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