Expenses resulting from outage and replacement of machines can be reduced by hard-facing metallic surfaces to protect them against extreme abrasion. There are many processes for surface welding such as oxyacetylene surfacing with powders or rods, electric arc welding, inert-gas welding, open-arc-welding and plasma-arc-powder- surface welding (PTA). PTA welding has become more important in the past few years. But while the other processes could be applied as manual processes PTA surface welding has primarily been applied as mechanised or automated process. At one time, the equipment for manual PTA welding was very expensive compared to other conventional manual welding processes, so small or middle size companies seldom used it. But since manual surfacing is very important in industrial application special manual torches and mobile equipment for PTA-welding have been developed in the past few years. Experiences with this process in industrial application showed that the manual PTA-welding is a good addition to conventional manual welding processes. This report presents applications in several industrial fields and some new hard material alloys for protection against abrasion. Paper text in German.

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