In this paper, the industrial application study is carried out to optimize the robot-controlled plasma spraying process of the thermal insulation layer for the hot gas flow of a GE-Frame-6B gas turbine. Due to the need for the off-line programming procedure, a precise 3D model of the automated coating system and the workpiece is created. In preliminary tests without a workpiece, basic spraying parameters such as spraying distance and spraying angle are optimized to achieve a sufficient layer quality. In the spray experiments, yttria stabilized zirconia Thermal Barrier Coating is used as the coating material and (NiCr)-6Al (Metco 443NS) as the bondcoat. The microstructure is examined using a light microscope, and microhardness measurements are also carried out. The results of the injection experiments are used to set the injection parameters and the travel path for the real component. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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