Delta Air Lines, Inc. has been conducting a research project regarding the capabilities of High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) Thermal Coatings. Based on this research and industry development, Landing Gear components are replacing chrome plating with HVOF carbide cobalt chrome (WC-Co-Cr) coatings on several line-of-sight applications on Landing Gear components. Landing Gear intends on converting all line-of-site chrome applications, and possibly some other liner, plating and plasma applications, pending ongoing testing and service evaluations on Landing Gear components. Several HVOF coatings look promising for additional applications on other aircraft and engine components and are currently being evaluated. This paper discusses the process and facility needs, approval qualification, equipment selection and implementation of an HVOF operation at an airline. It focuses on HVOF WC-Co-Cr coatings which proved to be Delta's coating of choice for Landing Gear and most aircraft applications after research and service evaluations. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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