In this paper, a novel coated wire is developed for the production of a layer of iron aluminide/WC intermetallic matrix composite material (IMC) with the thermal spraying process. The microstructure and phases of the layer are examined with an energy dispersive analysis, an X-ray phase analysis, a scanning electron microscope, and an image analysis. The results show that the main phase of the coated wire-sprayed iron-aluminum layer consists of iron aluminide and the reinforcement phase consists of approx. 20% WC, W2C, and alpha-aluminum oxide. The erosion-corrosion behavior of the iron aluminide/WC-IMC layer is determined at different particle beam angles and temperatures and is compared with that of AISI 1018 steel. The iron aluminide/ WC-IMC layer showed a higher erosion-corrosion resistance at high temperatures than the steel AISI 1018. The erosion-corrosion mechanism of the iron aluminide/WC-IMC layer at high temperatures is discussed. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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