The research work described in this paper is a collaborative study between the two universities (U.L.B. and U.T.B.M.) in the field of plasma sprayed ceramic coatings. The aim is to prepare nanostructured coatings with enhanced properties based on micrometric size titanium dioxide doped with synthesized silicon dioxide nanometric size particles. Nanoscalline powders made of silicon dioxide are first produced from the gas phase in high-frequency induction plasma reactors. The powders are then spray-dried in order to produce a homogeneous mixture of micro- and nano-crystalline oxide powders, which are suitable for DC plasma spraying. The layers are analyzed and characterized. The nanocrystalline particles are distributed homogeneously in the layer composite. An HF induction plasma system is used as the spray system. Results of aluminum oxide from conventional powders are discussed. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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