The thermal plasma chemical vapor deposition (TPCVD) is the process which creates thin films with high deposition rate due to high rate chemical reaction caused by introducing reactive gas or alkoxide into thermal plasma jets and is said to be able to create columnar structure thin film according to the reports on these films. In this paper, in order to develop the high deposition rate coating method which can create columnar structure ceramic film in open air, zirconia film deposition by TPCVD is carried out in open air and its structure and component are investigated by using digital microscope and X-ray diffraction. The case of TPCVD conducted in open air, fully crystallized zirconia films could be obtained and yttria stabilized zirconia film also could be obtained by addition of yttrium chloride hexahydride to zirconium oxychloride. The results make it clear that the TPCVD process has great potential for material processing. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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