This paper uses three types of gases (standard Air, nitrogen, and Ar) as atomization gas, and the arc spraying is carried out in air atmosphere. It examines the microstructure change according to the type of atomization gas and the influence of gas elements on crystalline structure of the titanium coatings by X-ray diffraction and quantitative analysis of nitrogen and oxygen contents in the coatings. The paper aims to research the influence of atomization gas on nitriding and oxidizing process of the titanium. Furthermore, with regard to Ar atomized coating, it investigates the change of crystalline structure with increase of spraying distance in order to research the effect of inert gas, Ar. An influence on the nitrogen content is determined. It turns out that TiN0.3 is formed due to the effect of alpha-titanium as a nitrogen-stabilizing element. Paper includes a German-language abstract.

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