In the present paper mathematical model of the deformation behavior of a liquid spherical particle upon its impingement onto a solid surface, including flattening and simultaneous solidification is developed. Particle-substrate interactions are investigated for typical thermal spray process. Numerical simulation for the complete Navier-Stokes equations is based on the finite-difference method on rectangular mesh in cylindrical coordinates. The energy equation is solved for both particle and substrate regions using the adjoint conditions for the temperature. In this paper main attention is paid to investigation of the temperature in contact of the particle with substrate. In connection with the oxide films effect on the surface substrate taking onto account thermal resistance of oxide is simulated. Heat transfer process in particle and substrate has been modeled by 2-D problem of heat conduction with influencing hydrodynamic processes into molten particle. Particle solidification and the movement of the solidification front have been described by means of one-dimensional Stefan problem. Numerical results for the heat transfer process and the effect of some important processing parameters such as particle diameter, viscosity, oxide films and temperature of plasma on the flattening and solidification of a single liquid particle have been discussed. Numerical algorithms were realized in the form of applied programs complex.

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