The Accuraspray is a new in-flight particle sensor that provides information on the average in-flight particle temperature, using two-color pyrometry, and velocity, using a cross-correlation calculation. Various aspects influencing the reliability of the sensor estimates are studied. First, the sensitivity of the temperature and velocity estimates to the positioning of the sensor with respect to the particle jet, such as the angular orientation of the fibers and the working distance to the spray plume, is evaluated. Then, the influence of the plasma radiation on the temperature measurement is estimated. This influence can be reduced significantly by filtering out the low frequency components of the pyrometric signals, which contain most of the plasma fluctuations. Finally, a lower limit in the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), for which an acceptable temperature estimate is obtained, is evaluated. A valid velocity estimate can still be obtained with a lower SNR. All these studies were performed under various spraying conditions, including plasma spraying and HVOF, using various feedstock materials (YSZ, Al-Si, cermets).

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