Thermal spray processes using wires as feedstock are widely used to produce wear and corrosion protective coatings of nickel, cobalt or iron based alloys. In general, these coatings are processed by flame or arc spraying. In view of using massive wires as spraying material, the hardness and wear resistance of layers is limited by the possibility to produce the corresponding wires of such materials. In addition, the performance of wire sprayed coatings can be restrained by the amount of defects in the microstructure, like pores, oxides and cracks, which are particularly evident in the cases of flame and arc spraying. New High Velocity Combustion Wire (HVCW) systems open the opportunity to reduce the amount and size of the defects by an increased particle velocity. Also, improvements on wear resistance may be achieved by using cored wires. The paper gives an overview on recent developments in HVCW spraying using massive and cored wires.

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