The high velocity combustion wire (HVCW) sprayed coatings have unique structures and properties which are different from the conventional wire / powder HVOF coatings. This paper studies the coatings of 0.8% C Steel formed by the HVCW system. 0.8% C Steel coatings formed by the HVCW system were studied for their wear resistance (pin on desk wear test) and phase composition. Methods like SEM with Wavelength Dispersion Spectroscopy (WDS) attachment were utilized for determining the composition of the coatings. Microhardness and tensile bond strength of the coatings were also ascertained. A set of conventional oxy-acetylene wire flame spray coatings of 0.8% C Steel were also prepared and these coatings were then compared with the HVCW coatings. Possible applications of the HVCW coatings are discussed based upon the properties of the coatings.

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