The polyethylene terephtalate (PET) is widely utilized for high performance as a food and beverage container due to its excellent mechanical and chemical properties. The consumption of PET material is expected to increase more rapidly. Consequently, the recycling of waste PET is urgently needed to reduce environmental problems and economic costs. The purpose of this research is to endow waste PET materials with a new function by spraying of metal and ceramics such as Cu and TiO2. The recycled PET plate substrate for plasma spraying was prepared from waste PET bottles. It is found that Cu and TiO2 powder could be sprayed on the surface of the recycled PET plate without heat damage and transformation of the substrate. In specific spray conditions, the implantation of melted Cu and TiO2 particles, which retained their original shape, into the PET substrate was also observed and this is an unusual phenomenon in plasma spraying. In this research, the possibility of production of functional PET plates with electric conductivity and wear resistance was found by controlling the plasma spray conditions.

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