Scientist and engineers show an increasing interest in metal foams. Recent activities are not only limited to the different techniques which already exist to produce and characterise metal foams, but also focus on further steps that these fairly new materials have to pass before entering mass production. Metal foams do not possess a high strength; to increase their mechanical properties and to improve the surface finish, thermally sprayed coatings can be applied. A metal foam is mainly characterised by its alloy composition, its density and the size and shape of the cells and pores. The quality of the coating depends on the coating material, the chosen process, the preparation of the surface, spraying parameters and the adhesion of the coating. The main focus of this paper is to reveal the necessary requirements to realise a sound composite made of a thermally sprayed coating onto metal foam. Basic investigations are carried out and during a later stage of the project parameters are to be identified which allow to describe the properties of the new composite material. The priority within this project will be on aluminium foams.

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