This article investigates composite powder materials based on double chromium and titanium carbides with nickel-chromium binder produced using self-propagating high-temperature synthesis. It focuses on the hypersonic velocity oxygen fuel coatings from the synthesized powders. Laboratory tests were focused on the solid particle erosion which occur in energy production systems such as fluidized bed combustors, advanced pulverized cool boilers, and entrained coal gasifiers. Tests were conducted at elevated temperature in a blast nozzle type of tester using bed or fly ashes retrieved from the operating CFB boilers. It was observed that, when adjusting carbide phase composition and chromium content in titanium carbide solid solution, one can control the oxidation kinetic and wear resistance of the material. Fine-grained structure and high cohesion strength of the composite materials formed during synthesis provide their excellent elevated temperature erosion performance in a wide range of test conditions.

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