Thermal spraying is widely used to produce corrosion and wear protective coatings or thermal barrier coatings. Only some applications with electrical or chemical function of the coatings are developed to a state of the art for industrial use. A lot of effort is done on the production of SOFC by thermal spraying. No use is made of the high potential of thermal spray processes to build up free standing bodies or semi finished parts. Foils or thin sheets for microtechnology might be parts producable by thermal spraying. Superplastic materials are of special interest for the microtechnology, as they can be shaped on a microscopic scale without elastic reforming. The paper deals with the metallurgical and process requirements for superplastic sheet production, the choice of feasible alloys and the first experimental investigations. The process parameter field for LPPS is determined and the produced sheets are characterized at room temperature concerning their microstructure, morphology and hardness.

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