A process control tool has been developed for air plasma spraying of a NiAl (bond coat) and Al2O3 (top coat) coating systems. The process is employed at Volvo Aero Corporation for abrasive purposes, such as knife-edge applications on compressor parts. In-flight particle temperatures, velocities and diameters were measured by the DPV2000 system. Several samples were sprayed and the coating microstructures were evaluated using Image Analysis techniques on optical and scanning electron microscope images. Top and bond coat thickness, oxides, porosity, grit blast residues, delaminations, surface roughness (on top, bond and substrate) and tensile strength were evaluated. Statistical regression analysis was then used to establish relationships between process parameters (i.e. current and primary gas flow), particle in-flight characteristics (i.e. velocity and temperature), microstructure properties, and mechanical properties. The equations derived were finally used for development of a tool, which can be used by the operator for on-line monitoring and control of the coating characteristics based on information of the current particle inflight characteristics. The tool makes it possible to continuously adjust the process set points, ensuring a high reproducibility and stability of the process.

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