To improve wear resistance of the atmospheric thermal plasma sprayed molybdenum coating, diamond deposition on the molybdenum plate and the atmospheric plasma sprayed molybdenum coating by the combustion flame chemical vapor deposition (CVD) was carried out. Diamond has excellent properties such as low surface energy, hardness, chemical corrosion resistance ability and so on. Besides, since the combustion flame CVD is the process carried out in the air, diamond/ molybdenum complex coating can be deposited without any vacuum facilities by using this technique if molybdenum coating is deposited by atmospheric thermal spray. In this study, acetylene welding torch was used as diamond synthesis apparatus and mass flow ratio C2H2/O2 was varied from 0.9 to 1.3. Consequently, many diamond particles which were 10 micrometer in diameter respectively were deposited on the molybdenum plate by only 20 minutes combustion flame irradiation in the case of 1.2 in mass flow ratio of C2H2/O2. Especially, the molybdenum coating was covered with diamond films consists of 10 micrometer diameter particles in the case of over 1373K in deposition temperature. Besides, according to the results of wear testing, wear mass loss of diamond deposited coatings were much lower than that of original thermal sprayed molybdenum coatings. From these results, this process was found to have a high potential in order to improve wear resistance of thermal sprayed coating.

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