This paper gives an account of pin-on-disc low stress abrasive wear and erosion wear tests on the specimens made by oxy-acetylene flame spray-fusing technology to explores the effect of WC content on the wear resistance of oxy-acetylene flame spray-fusing overlays. In the test, Ni60, NiWC25 and NiWC35 three kinds of various WC content Ni-base self-fluxing alloys were used as the typical wear resistance materials compared with 16Mn material and high Cr cast iron arc surfacing overlay. In pin-on-disc wear tests, SiC, Al2O3 and SiO2 different abrasive were used, and in erosion wear tests 30° and 90° erosion wear tests were performed. This paper also analyzed the wear mechanisms of spray-fusing overlays that possess different WC content by means of hardness tests and overlay's structure analysis. The results show that WC content influences the wear resistance of spray-fusing overlays greatly, but in various wear type and conditions, its effect's degree and tendency are quite different.

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