Thermally sprayed coatings with Co-based alloy were evaluated for cavitation erosion resistance in order to use as erosion proof coatings. Co-based alloy coatings have been applied by Low Pressure Plasma Spray (LPS) and High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Flame Spray (HVOF) on the AISI 403 stainless steel substrates and half number of each coated specimen were post-heated at 1073K for 1 hour. The mass loss was measured for evaluation in this study. The following results have been obtained in the cavitation test; i) Both of LPS coatings (the post-heated and the as sprayed) have more excellent cavitation erosion resistance than HVOF coatings, ii) With regard to LPS coatings, the post-heated coating has the same weight loss as the as-sprayed coatings. iii)The post heat treatment to HVOF is remarkably effective to improve the cavitation erosion resistance.

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