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Proceedings Papers

Proceedings Volume Cover
May 26–29, 2019
Yokohama, Japan
Conference Sponsors:
  • ASM Thermal Spray Society
  • Deutscher Verband für Schweisstechnik
  • International Institute of Welding
  • Japan Thermal Spray Society
  • Japan Thermal Sprayers Association
Thermal Spray 2019: Proceedings from the International Thermal Spray Conference

Cold and Thermal Spray Processes and Equipment

Cold Spray Processing

Diagnostics and Control

Environmental Impact

Hydroxyapatite and Environmental Applications

Laser Cladding and Miscellaneous Processes

Materials and Technology

Multi-scale Modelling and Artificial Intelligence-based Approaches

New Coating Materials Development

Oerlikon Metco Young Professionals Session

Poster Session

SOFC & Hydrogen


Automotive, Heavy, Marine and Nuclear Industries

Cold Spray

Cold Spray Metals, Ceramics, and Metal Matrix Composite Coatings

Functional Coatings

Miscellaneous - Wire Arc Coatings, Powders, and Polymer Substrates

Modelling and Simulation

Novel Processes

Protective Coatings - Wear

Suspension & Solution Thermal and Plasma Spray

Thermal Barrier Coatings/Applications

Bondcoat, Surface Preparation and Coating Thickness

Characterization and Testing: Mechanical and Chemical Properties

Cold Spray Simulation, Particle Impact, and Splat Formation

Other Additive Manufacturing

Protective Coatings - Corrosion

Thermal Barrier Coatings/R&D Fundamentals

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