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Proceedings Papers

Proceedings Volume Cover
June 7–9, 2017
Düsseldorf, Germany
Conference Sponsors:
  • ASM Thermal Spray Society
  • Deutscher Verband für Schweisstechnik
  • International Institute of Welding
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Thermal Spray 2017: Proceedings from the International Thermal Spray Conference

Plasma Spraying

Aerospace and Power Generation Applications

Medical Applications

Process Diagnostics, Sensors, and Controls

Ceramic Coatings

Cold Spray

Maritime and Off-Shore Applications

Fuel Cell Applications

Wear Protection

Suspension Spraying

Thermal Spray Powders, Wires, and Suspensions

Young Professionals

Automotive Applications

Industrial Forum

Process Modeling and Simulation

Properties, Characterization, and Testing

High Velocity Air-Fuel Spraying Processes

Tribological Coatings

Laser Cladding and Plasma Transferred Arc Processes

Pre- and Post-Process Treatments

Wear and Corrosion Protection

High Velocity Oxyfuel Spraying Processes

Metal Coatings

Steam Power Applications

Electronic and Sensing Applications

Corrosion Protection

Additive Manufacturing Processes

Amorphous Coatings

Poster Session: Aerospace Applications

Poster Session: Maritime Applications

Poster Session: Medical Applications

Poster Session: Metals Processing Applications

Poster Session: Fuel Cell Applications

Poster Session: Industrial Gas Turbine Applications

Poster Session: Steam Power Applications

Poster Session: Process Diagnostics, Sensors, and Controls

Poster Session: Ceramic Coatings

Poster Session: Corrosion Protection

Poster Session: Metal Coatings

Poster Session: Polymer Coatings

Poster Session: Pre- and Post-Process Treatments

Poster Session: Properties, Characterization, and Testing

Poster Session: Tribological Coatings

Poster Session: Wear Protection

Poster Session: Additive Manufacturing Processes

Poster Session: Arc and Laser Spraying Processes

Poster Session: Cold Spray

Poster Session: High Velocity Oxy- and Air-Fuel Spraying Processes

Poster Session: Laser Cladding Processes

Poster Session: Process Modeling and Simulation

Poster Session: New Thermal Spray Processes

Poster Session: Plasma Spraying

Poster Session: Plasma Transferred Arc Processes

Poster Session: Suspension Spraying Processes

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