PCB Assurance currently relies on manual physical inspection, which is time consuming, expensive and prone to error. In this study, we propose a novel automated segmentation algorithm to detect and isolate PCB components from the boards called EC-Seg. Segmentation and component localization is a vital preprocessing step in component identification, component authentication, as well as in detecting logos and text markings in components. EC-Seg is an efficient method to automate Quality assurance tool-chains and also to aid Bill of Material Extraction in PCBs. Finally, EC-Seg can be used as a Region proposal algorithm for object detection networks to detect and classify microelectronic components, and also to perform sensor fusion with X-Rays to aid in artifact removal in PCB X-Ray tomography.

Index Terms—PCB Hardware Assurance, Component Segmentation, Component detection, AutoBoM, Physical Inspection, Visual inspection, Counterfeit detection

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