The emergence of Heterogenous Integration (HI) in today's wave of systems-in-package (SiP) has not only increased the complexity of semiconductor Failure Analysis (FA), but also introduced new challenges that go beyond the traditional FA lab, into market verticals such as Assembly and Test. Today's market requires semiconductor companies to collaborate with these verticals to efficiently debug failures in advanced package devices. In this increasingly collaborative industry, FA engineers struggle to maintain adequate security of their company's intellectual property (IP) while sharing design information that is required for effective fault localization of SiP products. On top of these growing complications, increased commercial competition and the drastic rise in the demand for consumer electronics has made time-to-market (TTM) the top priority for all global chip makers. To address these challenges, companies strive for ways to integrate various design sources into a normalized and controllable Computer-Aided Design (CAD) database that can be seamlessly navigated across multiple components without exposing sensitive information. This paper covers an approach to enhance the efficiency of advanced package FA by integrating a full heterogeneous system into a single CAD Navigation (CADNav) database with added security measures to enable data sharing for industry-wide collaboration.

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