3D X-ray microscopy (XRM) is an effective highresolution and non-destructive tool for semiconductor package level failure analysis. One limitation with XRM is the ability to achieve high-resolution 3D images over large fields of view (FOVs) within acceptable scan times. As modern semiconductor packages become more complex, there are increasing demands for 3D X-ray instruments to image encapsulated structures and failures with high productivity and efficiency. With the challenge to precisely localize fault regions, it may require high-resolution imaging with a FOV of tens of millimeters. This may take over hundreds of hours of scans if many high-resolution but small-volume scans are performed and followed with the conventional 3D registration and stitches. In this work, a novel deep learning reconstruction method and workflow to address the issue of achieving highresolution imaging over a large FOV is reported. The AI powered technique and workflow can be used to restore the resolution over the large FOV scan with only a high-resolution and a large FOV scan. Additionally, the 3D registration and stitch workflow are automated to achieve the large FOV images with a recovered resolution comparable to the actual high-resolution scan.

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