In wafer fabrication, silicon defects on the substrate directly affect the yield of the wafer. In this paper, we will study and discuss a chemical delayering and delineate method for silicon defects in wafer fabrication using Secco etch. It is well-known that during delayering process of wafer, the removal of polysilicon (Poly-Si) layer is very difficult, especially for the wide-layer polysilicon (Poly-Si) which is difficult to completely remove with HF acid solution. We introduce a chemical recipe to fast delayer polysilicon layer completely before delineating silicon defects on silicon substrate using Secco etch. Those skilled in the art could be experiment within half an hour to get analysis results. It saves time and improves operational efficiency. Moreover, based on the experimental results we think that it is possible to identify the root cause according to the shapes of silicon defects using Secco etch.

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