Near Infra-Red (NIR) techniques such as Laser Voltage Probing/Imaging (LVP/I), Dynamic Laser Stimulation (DLS), and Photon Emission Microscopy (PEM) are indispensable for Electrical Fault Isolation/Electrical Failure Analysis (EFI/EFA) of silicon Integrated Circuit (IC) devices. However, upcoming IC architectures based on Buried Power Rails (BPR) with Backside Power Delivery (BPD) networks will greatly reduce the usefulness of these techniques due to the presence of NIR-opaque layers that block access to the transistor active layer. Alternative techniques capable of penetrating these opaque layers are therefore of great interest. Recent developments in intense, focused X-ray microbeams for micro X-Ray Fluorescence (μXRF) microscopy open the possibility to using X-rays for targeted and intentional device alteration. In this paper, we will present results from our preliminary investigations into X-ray Device Alteration (XDA) of flip-chip packaged FinFET devices and discuss some implications of our findings for EFI/EFA.

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