Working on wafer-level has been the only way of performing electrical failure analysis (EFA) without the need for die-packaging. The introduction of Si-interposer based 2.5D packaging, with high bandwidth memory (HBM) stacks surrounding our GPU chip, drastically increasing packaging turn around times from approximately 3 days to 3-4 weeks. Having to wait more than 3 weeks for EFA and debug work of 1st Silicon chips is a significant risk for chip bring-up. To address these challenges, this paper presents different ways of reusing the existing wafer-level EFA tool for single die EFA, and introduces a concept for a novel and dedicated single die tool. Additionally, singulated die fixturing and support windows are designed to enable the usage of a 2.45 Numerical Aperture Solid Immersion Lens, and first results from a near reticle limited 16 nm Fin-FET GPU product are also presented.

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