Compared with space parts, consumer parts are highly functional, low cost, compact and lightweight. Therefore, their increased usage in space applications is expected. Prior testing and evaluation on space applicability are necessary because consumer parts do not have quality guarantees for space application [1]. However, in the conventional reliability evaluation method, the test takes a long time, and the problem is that the robustness of the target sample can’t be evaluated in a short time.

In this report, we apply to the latest TSOP PEM (Thin Small Outline Package Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuit) an evaluation method that combines preconditioning and HALT (Highly Accelerated Limit Test), which is a test method that causes failures in a short time under very severe environmental conditions. We show that this method can evaluate the robustness of TSOP PEMs including solder connections in a short time. In addition, the validity of this evaluation method for TSOP PEM is shown by comparing with the evaluation results of thermal shock test and life test, which are conventional reliability evaluation methods.

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