Scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy is continuously developed as an AFM-derived method for 2D dopant profiling of semiconductor devices. In this paper, the authors apply 2D carrier density mapping to Si and SiC and succeed a high resolution observation of the SiC planar power MOSFET. Furthermore, they develop software that combines dC/dV and dC/dz images and expresses both density and polarity in a single distribution image. The discussion provides the details of AFM experiments that were conducted using a Hitachi environmental control AFM5300E system. The results indicated that the carrier density decreases in the boundary region between n plus source and p body. The authors conclude that although the resolutions of dC/dV and dC/dz are estimated to be 20 nm or less and 30 nm or less, respectively, there is a possibility that the resolution can be further improved by using a sharpened probe.

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