The development of a characterization workflow for reliable pore characterization of porous metals especially for microelectronics applications is very important. This will help to provide design guidelines for the production and for the improved reliability of the devices. In this paper, we set up a workflow to accurately evaluate the porosity, of four different porous copper materials. The porous thin films are fabricated by using stencil printing. Within the workflow we use for the measurement non-destructive micro-X-ray computed tomography (ƒÝ-XCT) and destructive high-resolution scanning electron focused ion beam nano-tomography (nano-FIB tomography). The latter will be also used to calibrate the threshold for the ƒÝ-XCT image data, since a direct evaluation of the porosity from the non-destructively obtained ƒÝ-XCT image data due to resolution and contrast is not possible. Therefore, we develop an indirect histogram based evaluation method to get the porosity of the porous copper thin films. We validate and discuss the obtained results with respect to further studies.

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