Nanoprobing is one of the key characterization techniques for soft defect localization in SRAM. DC transistor performance metrics could be used to identify the root cause of the fail mode. One such case report where nanoprobing was applied to a wafer impacted by significant SRAM yield loss is presented in this paper where standard FIB cross-section on hard fail sites and top down delayered inspection did not reveal any obvious defects. The authors performed nanoprobing DC characterization measurements followed by capacitance-voltage (CV) measurements. Two probe CV measurement was then performed between the gate and drain of the device with source and bulk floating. The authors identified valuable process marginality at the gate to lightly doped drain overlap region. Physical characterization on an inline split wafer identified residual deposits on the BL contacts potentially blocking the implant. Enhanced cleans for resist removal was implemented as a fix for the fail mode.

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