We present the first experimental demonstration of stuck-at scan chain fault isolation through the exploitation of Single Event Upsets (SEU) in a Laser-Induced Fault Analysis (LIFA) system. By observing a pass/fail flag, we can spatially map all flops after a defect in a failing scan chain through induced SEU sites produced by a fiber-amplified 25 ps 1064 nm diode laser. In addition, a custom fault isolation methodology is presented in which the result highlights only the first working flop immediately after the defect mechanism causing the stuck-at chain failure. This work demonstrates a novel method for rapid scan chain fault isolation that significantly improves localization efficacy over conventional best-known methods (BKM) based on frequency mapping. Moreover, experimental results are presented to demonstrate that LIFA can be extended to interrogate the data state of flip flops in a scan chain. Results are also presented to establish that LIFA can be configured as a hardware-based diagnostics platform.

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