The necessity of hot temperature stress is widely recognized as the initial stress methodology to maintain the stability of products from infant defects in device [1, 2]. However, hot temperature stress has a disadvantage in terms of stress uniformity because temperature variation according to stress environment such as chamber, board, and tester accelerates different stress effects per chips. In addition, this stress condition can cause serious reliability problem in the mass production environments. Therefore, the stress temperature should be lowered to minimize the temperature deviation due to the production environments. The reduction of stress temperature cause the lack of stress amount, so optimized stress voltage and time to maintain the stress condition is required. In this study, various stress voltage and time with decreasing temperature were evaluated in consideration of lifetime that unit elements such transistors and capacitors did not degrade by any stress conditions. In addition, it was confirmed that stress uniformity can be improved in the stress condition obtained by the evaluation. Furthermore, the enhanced initial failure screen ability was proven with mass evaluations.

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