Integrated-circuit device dimensions continue to shrink, enabling higher density of devices and smaller node size. A number of strategies to improve the resolution of failure analysis and fault isolation tools exist, but some of these techniques are reaching fundamental limits so that engineers are also challenged to innovative methods to increase the useful life of existing toolsets. Laser Scanning Microscopy including Laser Voltage Probing and frequency mapping struggle to maintain resolution commensurate with shrinking feature size. Here we present two methods to improve efficiency and capability of this toolset using existing optical hardware and configuration. The first method applies a frequency mapping technique using scan chain data patterns that allow for data manipulation. This enables an effective resolution increase through deconvolution of data collected in a sequence of scans completed on varied device states. A second method using multiple triggers per loop to evaluate a deterministic continuous wave signal is shown to reduce probe acquisition time, improve job throughput time, and enable, better signal-to-noise ratio for common scan chain debug workflow.

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