OBIRCH is a static technique for isolating both high and low resistance failures in test structures that continues to be relevant to sub 14nm technologies. While limited resolution is a factor as devices get smaller, an approximate location is adequate for finding obvious defects on sub 14nm technology structures. Its speed is what makes this technique appealing. If the approximate location isn’t good enough, a more time-consuming, higher-resolution technique can be employed. But the use of OBIRCH as a first isolation technique saves considerable time for a high volume FA lab if obvious defects cause the majority of failures. The seven case studies on sub 14nm technology are examples of obvious defects where OBIRCH had adequate resolution for isolation. The OBIRCH results for the first example are compared to the PVC (Passive Voltage Contrast) and EBAC (Electron-Beam Absorbed Current Imaging) findings to illustrate each technique’s strength and weakness.

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