Through Silicon Via (TSV) Package (PKG) technology that forms a 3D stack with chip to chip or wafer to wafer contact, uses a variety of wet chemicals unlike conventional package technology. Therefore, new kinds of defects related to the wet chemical occur. In this a new failure mode of disappeared Al pad will be presented, a problem came up to disappear Al pad, which served as the fiducial key during the metal residue removal process after forming the TSV PKG front bump, the mechanism of disappearance of Al pad was investigated. Through chemical analysis of process and equipment, we found that Cu etchant (including H3PO4) can damage for Al pad. The process simulation demonstrated that Al pad actually disappeared. Therefore, it confirmed that it needs to be removed through sufficient rinsing time after applying the wet chemical applied to the TSV PKG process. As a result we solved problem through modified equipment and increased rinsing time.

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