This paper provides a detailed analysis on the optical detection of temperature effects in FinFETs via (spectral) photon emission microscopy (SPEM/PEM) with InGaAs detector and electro-optical frequency mapping (EOFM, similar to LVI) for 14/16 nm Qualcomm Inc. FinFETs. It analyzes physical parameters of the FinFETs such as electron temperature and the relation between signal curve and operating condition of the device by photon emission slopes and spectra. The paper also traces device self-heating effects within the FinFETs by means of EOFM signal courses. With EOFM it was possible to detect self-heating effects of the FinFETs providing a further method to estimate device and substrate heating. Results showed that it is possible to obtain valuable device parameter information (for example, electron temperatures and self-heating) via optical investigations (PEM/ EOFM), which are not accessible electrically in modern integrated circuits. This information adds further details to device reliability and functionality approximations.

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