As the DRAM structure is miniaturized, the cell capacitance is reduced and resistance is increased. Because of this change, the DRAM operation is more sensitive than previous generations to changes of the device elements. The device elements consist of cell capacitance, Bit Line (BL) capacitance, cell node resistance, supply-voltage and the surround noise. The elements were changed by decreasing the cell node dimensions. The write time (tWR) is degraded by changing the elements. In particular, the noise is very variable element on change of surrounding cell phase which is data1 or data 0. In this paper, we show that one of the most dominant contributors to failure is the plate noise and explain how plate voltage level affects tWR delay. The effect of the plate voltage modulation can be correlated with ∆Vbl which is bit line level difference to read out the data. We define this phenomenon as the plate dc noise effect and propose a model in miniaturized DRAM.

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