An ARC solution that can be used to improve backside imaging for backside photoemission microscopy applications is presented in this paper. Zinc Oxide (ZnO) -based thin films used as ARCs are deposited at the backside of the failing units through a simple and low cost spray pyrolysis technique. An improvised set-up, composed of an atomizer and a hot plate, is used in the experiment. The paper provides evidence of acceptable process repeatability and demonstrates that the technique and the material have important applications in the field of failure analysis. Furthermore, it shows that the application of ARC resulted in better defect localization. The location of the defect is easily been determined upon doing frontside inspection - to - backside image comparison on the deposited unit. By using high kV ion beam passive voltage contrast (PVC) and angled cut focused ion beam (FIB) cross section, we are able to isolate further and show the nature of the defect at the failing block.

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