The growing popularity of 2.5D SSIT (Stacked Silicon Interconnect Technology) & 3D package technology in the IC industry had made it more challenging for manufacturers and packaging assembly sites to perform failure analysis and identifying the root causes of failures. There had been some technical papers written on various failure analysis techniques on 2.5D SSIT and 3D IC packages using a variety of equipment for detecting and localizing failures [1, 2]. This paper explains a non-evasive, non-destructive approach of localizing failures on a 2.5D SSIT package by identifying and recognizing certain waveform patterns that the failing devices exhibit in the scanning acoustic microscope A-Scan and in Time domain reflectometry. There are noticeable waveform patterns that an analyst can recognize and used to determine certain types of failure mechanisms that may be present in the device. Please note that it is very important to use the exact same type of package sample when characterizing and comparing waveform patterns as package variability from vendor to vendor and material contents can certainly affect the results.

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