In wafer fabrication (Fab), Fluorine (F) based gases are used for Al bondpad opening process. Thus, even on a regular Al bondpad, there exists a low level of F contamination. However, the F level has to be controlled at a lower level. If the F level is higher than the control/spec limits, it could cause F-induced corrosion and Al-F defects, resulting in pad discoloration and NSOP problems. In our previous studies [1-5], the theories, characteristics, chemical and physical failure mechanisms and the root causes of the F-induced corrosion and Al-F defects on Al bondpads have been studied. In this paper, we further study F-induced corrosion and propose to establish an Auger monitoring system so as to monitor the F contamination level on Al bondpads in wafer fabrication. Auger monitoring frequency, sample preparation, wafer life, Auger analysis points, control/spec limits and OOC/OOS quality control procedures are also discussed.

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