This paper placed a strong emphasis on the importance of applying Systematic Problem Solving approach, deep dive and use of right/appropriate FA approach/tools that are essentially critical to FA analysts to understand the “real” root cause. A case of low yield with polar failing pattern was seen and matched well with the Al Pad etch E chuck configuration. Customer also reported of passivation crack issue at the solder bumps. All these evidences suggested the root cause was related to wafer fabrication issue. However, it was through a strong “inquisitive” mindset coupled with the essence of such strong problem solving approach that led to uncover the actual root cause. Although customer test condition was not able to be duplicated due to limited information available in foundry industry, a four point probing alternative method was engaged to overcome this limitation. Unlike typical case, the AlOx thickness was comparable for bad and good dies. Further in depth analysis subsequently revealed the higher O content in the AlOx for the bad dies that was the real culprit for the higher bump resistance. This paper highlights the job of FA analyst is not simply finding defect but also plays a catalyst role in root cause/failure mechanism understanding by providing supporting FA evidence (electrically / physically) to Fab. It would serve as a good reference to wafer Fab that encountered such issue.

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