The result of applying normal xenon ion beam milling combined with patented DX chemistry to delayer state-of-theart commercial-grade 14nm finFETs has been demonstrated in a Helios Plasma FIB DualBeam™. AFM, Conductive-AFM and nano-probing with the Hyperion Atomic Force nanoProber™ were used to confirm the capability of the Helios PFIB DualBeam to delayer samples from metal-6 down to metal-0/local interconnect layer and in under two hours produce a sample that is compatible with the fault isolation, redetection, and characterization capabilities of the AFP. IV (current-voltage) curves were obtained from representative metal-0 contacts exposed by the PFIB+DX delayering process and no degradation to device parameters was uncovered in the experiments that were run. Compared to mechanically delayering samples, the many benefits of using the PFIB+DX process to delayer samples for nano-probing were conclusively demonstrated. Such benefits, include sitespecificity, precise control over the amount of material removed, >100μm square DUT (device under test) area, nm-scale flatness over the DUT area, nm-scale topography between contacts and the surrounding ILD, uniform conductivity across the DUT area, all with no obvious detrimental effects on typical DC device parameters measured by nano-probing.

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