In the case of conventional planar FET, Dynamic Laser Stimulation (DLS) is a very effective method to isolate marginal failure. Depending on laser sources, DLS is divided by Soft Defect Localization (SDL) and Laser Assisted Device Alteration (LADA). SDL uses 1320nm wavelength laser source in order to induce localized heat. On the other hand, LADA uses 1064nm wavelength laser source to generate photo carriers. But for the FinFET the effect of laser stimulation is not clear yet. This paper introduces the effect of laser stimulation on FinFET transistors based on wavelength, the so called LADA and two-photon LADA. The experimental data show changes in Vth and Idsat with different character for a single FinFET transistor. A case study further explains this laser stimulation effect via scan chain LVcc marginal failure analysis localized with 1320nm CW laser stimulation and nano-probing analysis.

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