E-beam Inspection (EBI) is used for in-line detection of defects in semiconductor manufacturing. This paper highlights a physical defect mode application where traditional defect inspection techniques, such as broadband plasma and dark field inspection were ineffective in finding the defects of interest. It describes the inspection setup and verification with failure analysis and the application of the technique. This inspection was implemented as a process monitor to detect excursions. The amount of process "ON" time after an etch-chamber part's change was identified as the main factor in MOAT defectivity. The correlation between EBI defect detection and leakage at in-line electrical test was further investigated by looking at each individual die and the leakage associated with the MOAT only. It was observed that the increased leakage could be due to another process factor in the process than a MOAT etch or a MOAT defect that was missed during the EBI inspection.

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